Raise your glass and your GPA

As the Thomas Edison quote goes, genius is one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration.

While mental stress is a key concern when cramming for exams, sitting at a desk for long hours can be equally labourious.

A lack of sleep, poor seating posture and not drinking enough water are just some examples of how intense studying can detract from healthy habits.

Here are some beverages for this finals period, in the form of four fashionable looks. These pick-me-ups are refreshing alternatives to black coffee, with some added health benefits.

So as you gather your notes and plug in your earphones, raise your glass to the end of the semester and drink up for this final stretch.

Coconut water

Coconut water is sweet, refreshing, and found inside young, green coconuts.

Some benefits include improving mental focus and delivering important nutrients that the body needs.

Coconut water is high in electrolytes, which are minerals that maintain proper fluid balance, providing better hydration than water after exercise.

Be sure to stay fresh with a glass of coconut water.

Green smoothie

Do not judge a book by its cover. A green smoothie might sound unappealing, but it can be nutritious and surprisingly delicious.

This drink is typically a blended mixture of two parts leafy greens, two parts liquid base in the form of water, almond milk, coconut milk, or coconut water and three parts ripe frozen fruit.

Popular base ingredients include spinach, kale, almond milk, bananas, and avocados.

Feeding your body good nutrients such as vitamin B12, which converts your food to energy, allows you to shake off sluggishness without reaching for caffeinated beverages.

The high iron content from the leafy vegetables improves bone strength. Depending on the ingredients used, green smoothies offer a host of benefits such as increased immune health, nourishment for the heart, and an enhanced mental outlook.

Remember to blend till the mixture is lump-free and silky smooth. Be warned that not every combination tastes great, so until you find your favourite blended recipe, just “green” and bear it.

Pomegranate juice

According to the United States Dietary Association, glucose is the brain’s main source of energy.

Pomegranates contain high amounts of glucose and should be your new best friend. The vibrant red hue of pomegranate seeds come from polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants reportedly help to reduce inflammation and aid in digestion, allowing you to study in comfort even after filling meals.

Pomegranates are “power berries” that help build up your immune system, keeping pesky illnesses at bay during exam season. They are rich in potassium and vitamins C, E, and K which when put together, form a word just a letter away from “cake”. Stick to pomegranate juice — it’s healthier!

Lemon water

Simple things, like a few slices of lemon in a water pitcher, can make a huge difference.

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning can help the digestive system and rehydrate the body.

The potassium and vitamin C in lemons give the immune system a slight boost, with vitamin C potentially lowering stress levels and improving collagen production for smoother, healthier skin.

So when life gives you lemons, make lemon water.

ART DIRECTION, STYLING & MAKEUP: Esther Soh, Stephanie Wong


PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANTS: Christy Yip, Hazim Zulfadhli, Jovi Ho

MODELS: Nur Azra Rauff, Stephanie Jane XueQi Sukarti