Vol. 24 Issue 08

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It’s a dog’s world

By Lim Ching Ying Even in science, there seems to be a bias towards man’s best friend — far more scientific research has been conducted on d

Chefs on campus

Follow Photo Editor Nicholas Koo on a food trail as he talks to some of NTU’s best chefs — its students

New mentorship programme links students with alumni

The NTU Career & Attachment Office is leveraging on the work experience of alumni to help students make better career choices

Some people still think Earth is flat

By Chong Yoke Ming In a bid to prove that Earth is flat, American Mike Hughes planned to launch a $27,400 homemade rocket that would take ph

“Netflix Tax” prompts more cautious spending among students

Students say they are likely to decrease their consumption of online entertainment and retail services in light of the digital tax roll-out,

Woes of the middle class

Rising healthcare costs and a lack of subsidies mean middle-income families may be struggling too

New schemes welcome, but focus on campus life too

Students welcome the new schemes focusing on technology, but hope more attention will be given to issues with campus life that technology al


记者:杨量而 黄璟蕙 这学期已过了将近一半,眼看作业呈交日期与期末考渐逼近。而温习功课、赶报告,最重要的莫过于学习的环境。你是否还在为一位难求的图书馆和热门温书地点而苦恼呢? 这一期的“生活”篇将带你一同探索校园“读”特的角落,为你介绍三个鲜为人知的读书地点。我们将根据各地点的地