Having fun with fitness

Getting fit is now made easier with more workout classes on campus as part of a fitness programme by the NTU Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC) and Health Promotion Board (HPB). Fong Yihui speaks to its organizers and participants to find out why this is a fitness programme with a difference.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 6

Strike a pose

From fashion shoots to corporate videos, some students are putting their best face forward by taking up modelling as a part-time job. Megan-Nicole Lye speaks to two part-time students who are models to find out about their experiences in front of the camera.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 5

For the love of filmmaking

With over 20 years of filmmaking experience under his belt, Associate Professor Chul Heo is now sharing his passion for directing with students in NTU. Rachel Chiu finds out more about his career as a filmmaker and educator.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 5

Backpacking around the world

Instead of tour packages and fancy hotels, more students are taking the road less travelled by going on backpacking adventures. Samantha Koh speaks to three backpackers to find out more about their experiences.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 5

A heart to serve

More students are spending their free time helping others, outside of school volunteer groups and activities. Lifestyle writer Edwin Chan speaks to three NTU students who are making a difference in others’ lives and finds out their motivations.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 4

Singing on the streets

More Singaporean youth have taken to the streets to showcase their talents in recent years. Rachel Chiu speaks to one such student from NTU to find out about his love for busking.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 4

Beyond the classroom

First introduced in 2014 to provide a holistic education for students living on campus, the Residential Education programme is now in full force in every Hall of Residence. Samantha Koh finds out more about the activities under this programme.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 4

g up to interpret

Some NTU students are taking their sign language skills a step further by learning how to interpret for the deaf. Wong Wing Lum speaks to three students about what inspired them to become interpreters.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 4

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