NTU YouTubers

With more young Singaporeans flocking to YouTube for their daily dose of videos, Krishveen Kaur speaks to three final-year NTU students who have started their own YouTube channels and finds out their reasons for wanting to step into the limelight

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 10

All about laughs

A student-initiated stand-up comedy night held last month saw some NTU students having their first go at being stand-up comedians. Krishveen Kaur finds out more about the highlights of the event

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 9

The final dance

The annual Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony of 2019 drew to a close earlier this month, and Krishveen Kaur spoke to three final-year dancers who have dedicated themselves to this event for the last four years

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 8

Reigniting the passion for plays

Participation in hall theatre productions has declined in recent years, but as Anna Mohan finds out, Halls of Residence in NTU are finding new ways to cope with declining numbers, while inspiring students to come on board

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 7

A community for car lovers

With some 200 members, the NTU Motoring Club is gearing up to attract more car enthusiasts through automotive workshops and member-initiated events like karting, as writer Krishveen Kaur finds out.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 7

Fighting the stigma of mental disorders

Depression may hit anyone, including youths, but many are hesitant to seek help due to the stigma associated with mental health issues and their interventions. Krishveen Kaur finds out what can be done to address this.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 7

Having fun with fitness

Getting fit is now made easier with more workout classes on campus as part of a fitness programme by the NTU Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC) and Health Promotion Board (HPB). Fong Yihui speaks to its organizers and participants to find out why this is a fitness programme with a difference.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 6

Strike a pose

From fashion shoots to corporate videos, some students are putting their best face forward by taking up modelling as a part-time job. Megan-Nicole Lye speaks to two part-time students who are models to find out about their experiences in front of the camera.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 5

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