Campus commuter woes

24 Sep 2018

By Theodore Lim

Students queue for an oncoming Campus Loop-Red bus at the Innovation Centre bus stop. The stop is extremely busy from 5 to 7pm, and students usually find themselves having to fight for standing space.

Daniel Lee, 23, tried to squeeze onto the bus, only to be rejected by the bus driver. He was pushed off the stairs of the bus, back into the waiting crowd at the bus stop.

“I bet the next bus will be bursting with people as well,” said the third-year student from the School of Humanities.

Lee’s experience has been shared by students and staff who take the bus around campus during rush hour.

A survey conducted by the NTU Research Society (NTURS) earlier this year showed that more than half of its 680 respondents waited for the campus buses for more than 15 minutes in the evening, which is three times longer than an off-peak commute.

When asked about his experiences riding the campus buses, Lee mentioned that the problem has not changed in his three years at NTU.

“I have classes that end late this semester, and I really dread having to take an extremely uncomfortable bus ride halfway around the campus back to my hall. It feels like the complaints are falling on deaf ears,” he added.

Most of the commuters on the campus buses are students heading back to their halls of residence after class. However, other buses such as the Campus Rider ferry a mix of students, faculty, and staff to MRT stations outside of NTU. These buses are often packed as well.

Riders making way for others to board. Many students are unable to board the full buses during rush hour.

A pair of fortunate commuters who managed to get a seat on the Campus Loop-Blue bus. Students have to deal with full buses after long days at school.

Students secure their standing spots on a crowded bus 179 that will bring them out of campus.