Working with wood

He might have completed an accountancy diploma in polytechnic, but first-year ADM student Yee Chien Ping decided to ditch the numbers in university to pursue his interest in wood crafting. Photo editor Joel Chan speaks to him about his newfound passion

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 6

No break to the hustle

When finals are completed and the semester ends, the campus may seem quiet. But there are still some in the NTU community who work hard during the break to keep the campus running.Photo Editor Theodore Lim walks around campus to find out who these people are.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 5

Tradition in transformation

The NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic treats ailments ranging from sores throats to colds. Photo Editor Theodore Lim visits the clinic to debunk Chinese medicine myths and learn more about its treatments.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 4

Struggling to stay together

Senior students who do not benefit from the guaranteed two-year hall stay programme are finding it tougher to stay in their desired halls. Photojournalist Debbie Michelle Ng speaks to two such students who are fighting hard to stay as roommates.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 3

Campus commuter woes

During rush hour, commuters in NTU experience issues of low bus frequencies and overcrowded bus stops. Photo editor Theodore Lim explores the problems faced by passengers in the evening.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 2

Stop and smell the rosé

The NTU Wine Society is committed to making wine tasting and appreciation accessible to the average student. Photo editor Theodore Lim visits one of the society’s events to capture how its members are sharing their passion for all things bubbly and red.

The Nanyang Chronicle, Vol. 25 Issue 1