De-stress or Distress

As the academic semester approaches its halfway mark, students are increasingly overwhelmed by schoolwork. The Nanyang Chronicle finds out w

Squawking Clean Initiative

Bird droppings at South Spine Canteen are much less now as a result of a new speaker system installed.

Late-Night Thefts Hit Hall 4

Victims had their valuables stolen while sleeping in their rooms with their doors unlocked.

New Routes, Old Issues

Poor regulation of bus departure times and drivers’ unfamiliarity with new routes attributed as reasons for shuttle bus frequency problems.

NEA Steps up Anti-Dengue Efforts

NTU now borders the most dengue-infested area in Singapore, with a 112 reported cases from three nearby clusters.

Learning on the Go

Tablet devices are being adopted at two NTU faculties as important educational tools to facilitate learning.

SRC to Get Artificial Turfs by July 2014

Artificial fields expected to improve fields' conditions, and will be ready in September 2014.

Theft at Hall 16

An exchange student was asleep in hall when his belongings were stolen from his room.

Second Fire at Jem

Car catches fire at Jem's carpark: Second fire-related incident to hit the shopping mall in four days.

Medical Students Officiated at White Coat Ceremony

NTU’s first batch of medical students go through rite of passage into medical profession.

NTU Unveils New Mascot

The university reveals its new mascot, Lyon, with its designer winning S$5,000 in cash.

Canteen B Is Now Koufu

Over the summer break, the South Spine canteen received a major facelift as food court operator Koufu takes over the management of the eater

Fund Your Passion

The drive to do well for final-year projects has left many investing thousands of dollars, all in the name of a good grade.

Press for Better: Former ST Chief

To ensure a quality newspaper, proper training is necessary in a changing media landscape.

Let the Good Times Roll

NTU celebrates achievements with unexpected after-party.