Going Global, Staying Local

Following the inaugural World Academic Summit held in NTU two weeks ago, President Emeritus Jean-Lou Chameau of the California Institute of

The Tuition Dilemma

The issue of tuition has raised a furore among the public again. Jasmine Tay looks at whether students have come to rely too much on tuition

The ‘R’ Word

A recent study showed that four in 10 Singaporeans judge someone based on their skin colour even before getting to know them. Are such polls

Making NTU Old

In our debut "Conversations with.." column, Opinions Editor Andrew Toh sits down with NTU President Bertil Andersson right after NTU’s rise

Reining In The Internet

The Internet has allowed for a diverse range of views to be heard, some of which might be critical of the government. Will efforts to contro

Turning Pink

Kaleidoscope, NTU’s first-ever student group aimed at raising awareness of discrimination issues, needs to take concrete action if they wish

Rising Healthcare Premiums For An Aging Population

Government seeks to reassure citizens on new healthcare scheme but country's aging population might pose problems for future viability of th

Editorial: State Of The University

At the NTU! event, President Bertil Andersson spoke of a wave of renewal across the entire university, not just in its facilities and infras

Talking Point – Finding Your First Job?

Two career fairs took place on campus over the past two weeks, but many final-year students have started their job search as early as August

Homosexuality In Singapore: Still A Taboo?

Singaporeans seem to be more tolerant towards gays and lesbians, according to a study by NTU researchers.