Fabrics + gadgets on the ADM runway

An entire semester of hard work for only 30 seconds on the runway. Photo Editor Valerie Lay goes backstage to document the creative process behind a fashion showcase by NTU students.

Beat The Study Crowd

Forget the bell curve — finding a place to study is the real competition for students these days. Packed cafes and long queues at public libraries make it hard to snag a seat. But with start-ups offering pay-per-use study areas, a guaranteed space for conducive cramming is now within reach. Here are two places we

Alt-Welfare Pack

Final examinations are around the corner and so are the mandatory welfare packs. While freebies are always a great gesture, we are getting sick of the random coffee packets and dubious product samples. Here are some alternatives that might take a little extra effort to put together, but hey — at least you will use them

No Cook No Bake No Sweat

Tired of instant noodles to fuel you through late-night mugging sessions? Here are four quick and easy recipes to satisfy your midnight cravings. All it takes are a few simple ingredients — so you’re covered whether you’re working in hall or at home.

Healthy eats on a budget

Contrary to popular belief, healthier food isn’t always unpalatable and overpriced.

A professor’s passion for fashion

From pulling all-nighters with her students, to clinching the top award at a fashion competition in Paris, Assistant Professor Galina Mihaleva speaks to Photo Editor Valerie Lay about her passion.

Products that are certified made in NTU

Art markets are thriving, and everyone wants something customised to call their own. For bespoke trinkets that won’t break the bank, Lifestyle writer Claudia Tan scopes out NTU’s own community of crafty entrepreneurs.

Beyond the HOCC backstage

Lifestyle writer Kezia Tan takes a closer look at the thrills and spills of preparing for the HOCC, with dance powerhouses Halls 1, 8, 12, and 16.

The wildlife of Pulau NTU

NTU is affectionately known as Pulau NTU not only because of its remote location, but also because of its wildlife. Here are a few documented instances when our animals invaded the news.