NTU-NIE trio gears up for Everest bid

A postgraduate student teams up with an alumnus and a professor to conquer the world’s highest mountain

NTU officially opens The Wave

Officially named The Wave, the new Sports and Recreation Centre building is the first large-scale structure in Southeast Asia to be built using mass-engineered timber.

No IHG for North Hill halls? No problem

Tanjong Hall emerged tops in the first and only Inter-North Hill Games held last month.

Losing is not a reason to quit

By Sean Loo   My Welsh opponent yanked down on my neck and grabbed my right leg, as I struggled to maintain my balance, desperately hopping around on my free leg. Inevitably, my opponent pivoted with his right leg, lifted my hapless body and drove me, together with my dreams of qualifying for the quarter finals, i

Triple hat-trick for Hall 3 at IHG

Hall of Residence 3 emerged as the overall champion for the ninth time in a row

Have you tried suspension training at North Hill gym?

After two months without exercise, sports writer Febriliani Tan jumped straight into suspension training with Devrath Vijay, a master fitness trainer from India. The session answered her (fat) burning questions about exercising at the new North Hill Gym.

NTU students give handicap signs a ‘sporting’ makeover

A group of students redesigned access signs to encourage participation in disability sports.

ITTF: We did not intend to discredit students’ work

A "big miscommunication." That is what the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) said of the tense email exchange it had with a group of NTU students who had accused the ITTF of using their artwork without attribution.

International organisation uses NTU students’ work without credit

A group of NTU students found their work being used by the International Table Tennis Federation without them being credited, drawing ire from fellow students and netizens.