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Volume 25, Issue 9

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NTU’s new anti-harassment module draws scepticism from students

In the wake of media reports last month on sexual harassment in tertiary institutions here, NTU’s Student Life Team announced that an online module on anti-harassment will be introduced in August for all freshmen and student organisers of orientation programmes.

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All about laughs

A student-initiated stand-up comedy night held last month saw some NTU students having their first go at being stand-up comedians. Krishveen Kaur finds out more about the highlights of the event.

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Art should be celebrated, not banned

On 7 Mar, Swedish metal band Watain was banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) from performing in Singapore, just hours before their scheduled show...

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制作动画短片 探讨选择性缄默症


透过“神童”玛蒂尔达 探索学生无限潜能


Brain-boosting bites

With the semester drawing to a close and examinations fast approaching, our graphic artists highlight five health foods to prepare you for the academic battle ahead.

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Chasing his dream one trim at a time

Raiyan See has been a barber for a year, giving haircuts in his Hall of Residence. The 22-year-old aspires to take his dream one step further and open his own barber shop someday. Photo Editor Joel Chan finds out more.

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