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Volume 25, Issue 8

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The final dance

The annual Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony of 2019 drew to a close earlier this month, and Krishveen Kaur spoke to three final-year dancers who have dedicated themselves to this event for the last four years.

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Racing towards health

In collaboration with the Health Promotion Board, the NTU Runners’ Club piloted the use of “District Race” – a unique mobile phone application that awards points to runners for completing challenges, in its weekly Wednesday runs.

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制作动画短片 探讨选择性缄默症

南洋理工大学艺术、设计与媒体学院2018年毕业生王沛思(24岁)的首部二维动画剧情短片《沉默不是金》(Silence Is Not Golden)获选今年首届新加坡心理健康电影节(Singapore Mental Health Film Festival)中上映。



透过“神童”玛蒂尔达 探索学生无限潜能


从 "有故事的人" 到 "会讲故事的人"



A smart campus

Since the launch of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative in 2014, institutions across the island have come on board to embrace digital solutions for the future.

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Jazzing up rims with spray paint

Spurred by his longtime interest in cars, Chang Yong Keen started a freelance business, RimsOnly, with his friend that specialises in spraying car rims in fun and creative ways. Photo Editor Joel Chan finds out more.

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