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As with most newspapers, the Nanyang Chronicle has to adapt to a new media landscape and how audiences consume news.

The Chronicle’s transformation will occur during the 2019-20 academic year and will involve students, faculty, alumni and media partners.

While this happens, we will publish a few articles on the Chronicle website written by first-year students from the Basic Media Writing course and edited by a faculty member.

We look forward to the launch of a new online version of the Nanyang Chronicle in August 2020.


A giving heart and a green thumb

This has been Mr Ng Kim Chuan’s daily routine for the past 10 years since founding the NTU Community Herb Garden, where visitors can receive a week’s worth of herbs for free by producing a medical report.

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Mettle And Petals

As a child, Desmond Toh would rummage through bags of discarded waste outside a florist. As his friends played soccer, the then-Primary 3 student collected useful scraps for his own floral creations.

Today, the first-year student from the School of Humanities has transformed his humble hobby into a small business.

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New fake news laws are a short-term fix

We have all had our brush with it, one time or another. It may find its way to our social media feed, written like an ordinary news piece to trick us into believing its authenticity..

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从安逸中出走 踏上异国穷游之旅






NTU Modules: A wish list

Over the summer break, the Nanyang Chronicle conducted an online survey to find out what fictional modules NTU students wished existed. Our graphic artists illustrate some of the best answers.

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Streetwear with an Asian twist

What started out as a passion project for Brendan Kor, 21, has evolved into a local streetwear label known as The Toxic Friends Co. (损友公司). Kor’s brand has been featured on multiple media outlets, including CNA and lifestyle publications. Photo editor Joel Chan finds out more about the brand’s origins.

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