Pageant fever

Pageants are more than just glitz and glamour. Clara Lee gets a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of NTU's fresh-faced pageant nominees before the big day.

Working up a sweat in school

Save the heavy lifting for the gym. Tiong Linshan suggests ways to make use of alternative workout spots on campus.

Joining the express-o stream

NTU is home to a group of student baristas who have chosen to learn the craft of the perfect cup while finishing their degrees. Dayna Yin finds out how these student baristas succeed in balancing school and their interests for all things coffee.

Campus spots for a perfect graduation photo

Employment woes are well on the way — but first, there’s convocation shoots to worry about. For an unconventional spin on getting the best snaps, Lifestyle writer Kezia Tan checks out five photo spots right here in NTU.

Uncommon grad shoot locations

These three student photographers share some uncommon grad shoot locations they’ve previously explored.

Fabrics + gadgets on the ADM runway

An entire semester of hard work for only 30 seconds on the runway. Photo Editor Valerie Lay goes backstage to document the creative process behind a fashion showcase by NTU students.

Travel tips for solo backpackers

Solo travelling can be a hassle. But for these five NTU students, embracing the uncertainties of travelling alone was just part of the adventure.

Beat The Study Crowd

Forget the bell curve — finding a place to study is the real competition for students these days. Packed cafes and long queues at public libraries make it hard to snag a seat. But with start-ups offering pay-per-use study areas, a guaranteed space for conducive cramming is now within reach. Here are two places we

Alt-Welfare Pack

Final examinations are around the corner and so are the mandatory welfare packs. While freebies are always a great gesture, we are getting sick of the random coffee packets and dubious product samples. Here are some alternatives that might take a little extra effort to put together, but hey — at least you will use them