SUniG 2017: Won some, lost some

The University came in second place in the annual competition despite double wins for the bowling, floorball and basketball teams

Debut of North Hill halls in upcoming IHG

A year since their opening, the three halls at North Hill will make their debut in the Inter Hall Games in December this year

Safety in endurance sports: Know your limits

Sudden fatalities among seasoned runners in marathons can come as a shock to many. Participants should always be mindful of their own health and prepare well before joining such events

Soaring through the skies, drone-style

The newest televised sport on ESPN is gaining popularity in Singapore and NTU

Combat sports: Safety first

NTU students call for more stringent safety guidelines and regulations in light of muay thai tragedy at the AFC

Cheating with the right meals

For athletes with strict dietary regimes, having cheat meals can throw them off their meal plans, unless they follow these rules

Mixed reactions to NTU’s “athletes-only” gym

The new gym at The Wave is only opened to college athletes, prompting some students to question if this is a necessary move

Swimming in the right direction

NTU’s SEA Games swimmers believe that global success is attainable for the sport after Team Singapore smashed 18 records at the 2017 Games

Keen for Kin-Ball

Kin-Ball has been making waves in Singapore, with its unique format of three teams competing simultaneously