Show some support for young hawkers

With an aging hawker scene, young hawkers represent our future and they need more recognition to keep going

Let’s not expect our MRT to be the Shinkansen

By Ginnette Ng As we make our long daily commutes back to Pulau NTU, students might find themselves with an extra task these days – to factor in potential transport delays in their journey to the West. If good fortune is not on your side, a one-way trip to school via public transportation could be as long as a Marvel m

Life in plastic? Not so fantastic

Despite the slew of environmentally-friendly initiatives Singapore has undertaken in the last few years, do we, as consumers, actually consider our ecological footprint when making consumer decisions?

Is becoming a Smart Nation a smart move?

With the ever-changing advancements in technology, both our nation and university have been trying to keep up with the concept of a Smart Nation. Perhaps it is time to give this more thought.

The private made public

Sharing your private information online may not necessarily be a bad thing

No place for elitism here

Being an institution that opens its doors to students from all walks of life is what makes the University unique and vibrant in the first place. There should be no place for elitism here.

Opinion: When our conversations about racism fall short

Being judged on my skin colour has always felt inescapable, but racism reared its ugly head in an especially uncouth manner for me, when I was searching for a rental apartment last year.

Drawing block

Life around NTU

Building networks of friendships

In our eagerness to make beneficial relationships, many of us overlook forging genuine, deep friendships. We hang out in large groups of friends. We share stories and laughter. However, these individuals are ultimately mere acquaintances.