Sorry to burst your bubble

By Ginnette Ng People were screaming and running in all directions, ducking behind cars as the sound of gunfire reverberated halfway through a night concert in Las Vegas. On the other side of the world, I was on a bus home from Orchard Road, watching the footage on my Facebook news feed. Not surprisingly, this is the w

Leaving the age of phone calls

By Natalie Choy A few weeks ago, I caught up with a close friend over the phone — a communication medium that I have not been using since my early teens. While I relished in the spontaneity of our hour-long conversation and the warmth of the human voice that no amount of emojis could replicate, it also made me realise

The haunting effects of ghosting

By Syed Muhammad Faris You pick up your phone and open Tinder. You are greeted by a stranger’s profile. She barely piques your interest. You swipe left, and another profile appears. You open your inbox to check if the person you swiped right from a week ago has finally responded to your messages. Just a week ago, the t

Funerals: finding meaning beyond rituals

By Darren Ching A month ago, my beloved grandmother, Ah Ma, died. She was 85. Ah Ma was never particularly religious apart from the basic Taoist chants she did every morning by the side of her bed. Nevertheless, like how people of her generation are, she was extremely pantang (Hokkien for superstitious). To her, death

Hey millennials, you’re doing fine

By Ginnette Ng Facebook is usually a space for sharing new memes or discovering easy dinner recipes. But of late, it has been inundated with articles beginning with “millennials are too” or “millennials need to”.  It feels like we can never stop disappointing the generations that have come before us. Millennials — a te

One more episode won’t hurt

By Adeena Nagib A few months ago, I binge-watched 54 one-hour episodes of Peaky Blinders every day for four days. Tuning in to the British gangster drama with an attractive Cillian Murphy at its helm was my idea of bliss. Since subscribing to the online video streaming site Netflix, I no longer just consume one episode

Redefining success in Singapore

By Candy Choo “Dirty job” or “low class”? These are not terms that many would use to describe a firefighter or a police officer. Embarrassingly, a recent comment on the NTU Confessions Facebook page shows how some Singaporeans still believe in class distinctions between different lines of work. The student who posted t

Lessons Singapore football can learn from the country’s swim team

By Ignatius Koh Two of Singapore’s biggest sports have come under scrutiny in recent years. While the Republic’s swimmers have scaled to unprecedented heights in regional and international competitions, our footballers have been languishing in mediocrity. As a football fan, it has been disappointing to see our national

Speaking up for our mother tongue

When Singaporean youth are unable to speak their mother tongue, they risk losing touch with their cultures too