Exchange rates

With the exchange application period just around the corner, it’s time for you to manage your purse strings with the Nanyang Chronicle’s expenditure guide.

Is anybody there?

Welcome to the house of horror – just in time for Halloween. The Nanyang Chronicle presents to you a list of spooky characters you should know about before you head off on your trick or treating.

After hours

Many of us stay up late at night, be it to spend time with our friends, exercise or complete our assignments. The Nanyang Chronicle presents to you the ultimate guide to nightlife in NTU, as we uncover hidden spots around campus and beyond to eat, exercise and study after hours.

All roads lead to NTU

We’re Pulau NTU – no matter where you stay, travelling to campus can be a chore. The graphics team evaluates all modes of transportation available to students so you can better plan your trip to school.

From learning to earning: Which graduates earn the most?

It's the time of the year when final-year students obtain their degrees and go out into the working world. They have made the most out of school (hopefully), but how much are they likely to make outside the university?

Wondering where to go this holiday? Here’s a guide

For this issue, we paired up with STA, a travel agency on campus, to find out more about NTU students' travel habits. Take a look and perhaps find inspiration for your own holiday plans.

Using an e-scooter? Here are some guidelines you should know

Maximum device criteria and restrictions to take note.

All you need to know about NTU’s new halls

Know more about rental and aircon room availability.

Battle of the supermarkets: Giant vs Prime

Is the new kid on the block really better?