A fish out of water

Nanyang Business School alumnus Melvin Sim tells photojournalists Christy Yip and Hazim Zulfadhli why he left his job at a modern multinational company for the Jurong Fishery Port.

Back to the future

He is 23, but his interest goes all the way back to 2700 BC

Growing up with getai

Leading the double life – there is no sugarcoating how tiring it is. Sisters Pek Jia Xuan and Pek Jia Wei give Christy Yip the inside scoop on the life of a getai performer.

Part-time student, full-time social entrepreneur

Owner of a social enterprise, an author and also a first-year student. Sazzad Hossain shares his journey teaching migrant workers with photo editor Christy Yip.

Driving Innovation

The petite second-year student not only took part in improving earlier car designs, she also drove the electric car her team had built, the Nanyang Venture 9 (NV-IX), in a competitive race.

A professor’s passion for fashion

From pulling all-nighters with her students, to clinching the top award at a fashion competition in Paris, Assistant Professor Galina Mihaleva speaks to Photo Editor Valerie Lay about her passion.

Encountering wildlife

Fancy taking a selfie? Here's a humorous take on NTU's thriving wildlife.

The wildlife of Pulau NTU

NTU is affectionately known as Pulau NTU not only because of its remote location, but also because of its wildlife. Here are a few documented instances when our animals invaded the news.

NTU teams pull surprise wins, unexpected losses at IVP games

Nanyang Technological University athletes clinched five titles out of nine sports in this year’s Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Games. Our photojournalists Valerie Lay and Zheng Jun Cen document this season’s highlights.